Thursday, June 11, 2009

Resort report

Only in recent years have resort collections started to gain more and more attention. These collections were typically catering to the extremely wealthy who spent their holidays relaxing in the likes of the French Riviera. Resort wear provides a sort of bridge between Fall and Spring for designers; they are typically less expensive and more wearable than many other runway collections. Increasing popularity of resort wear comes as the economy remains in a state of instability.

I have been a fan of Philip Lim and his label 3.1 Philip Lim for a long time, and his resort creations have not failed to impress me. The blending of everything from lace and denim, to metallics and florals seems so effortless, yet so chic. Draping of the fabrics, the inclusion of a subtle metallic gold, as well as the asymmetry of some of the garments is divine.

Sorry about overloading the post with photos, I just couldn't decide which ones I liked best.

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